To carry on the business of merchant banking in all its aspects.

To act as manager to issue and offers whether by way of public offer or otherwise of shares, stocks, debentures, bonds, units, participation certificate deposit certificates, notes, bills, warrants or any other instrument commercial or other paper or scrips (herein after collectively referred to as the “securities”.

To act as agents of and/ or dealers in the securities in the course of merchants banking business.

To act as financial consultants, advisers and counselors in investment and capital markets.

To underwrite, sub-underwrite or to provide stand by or procurements arrangements.

To issue guarantees or to give any other commitments for subscribing or agreeing to subscribe or procure or agree to procure subscription for the securities.

To manage portfolio investments to provide investment assistance for the purpose herein.

To act as an issue house, registrars to issue, transfer agents for the securities .

To form syndicates of consortia of managers, agents and purchasers for or of any of the securities.